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The battle for the industrial moon of Tantalus is Lost. The jaws of Tyranids close inexorably around the moon, the few survivors desperately struggling to survive and escape. Their lives can be measured in hours. A small Adeptus Mechnicus Biologis contingent has taken this opportunity to study the monstrous life forms devouring the world. This priceless data on the bio-forms and attack patterns of Tyranid Hive Fleet Dagon is invaluable in the War raging in the Orpheus Salient. The Deathwatch Frigate ’Thunder’s Word’ had been scheduled to rendezvous with the Mechanicus escape shuttle and is now scrambling in a last minute Extraction mission. A Deathwatch Killteam is to be deployed immediately! The Biologis data must be retrieved at All costs! Join the Killteam as an elite Space Marine on a most perilous mission in the face of overwhelming Alien Foes!